Gretchen is both an artist and designer with an undeniable attraction to color. She has spent years experimenting with pigments, studying color theory and perfecting the art of color mixing.

Her process is both scientific and creative as she meticulously measures and identifies distinctions between colors. Her work is influenced by the use of color and their interactions applied in built space, interactive sculpture and her personal studio practice.

Most intensely captivated by color and light’s combined elusiveness, Wagner is possessed by our relative and abstract perceptions of color. Her work resolves the ambiguity of color with indisputable accuracy and calculation.

Equipped with all her instruments of precision, Wagner’s studio is a lab. Each piece calculated to shift or isolate the identity of specific colors and combinations.

By employing theory of both color and math, Wagner incrementally changes the value and saturation to further analyze the complexity and depth of a specific color. She most commonly uses existing color relationships, complementary or tetradic, that illustrate a quantifiable contrast.

Her relentless desire to control and analyze color is challenged by her use of medium. The presence of hard-edge geometry and symmetry in her work demands endurance and patience. As she strives for perfection, accidental human marks add intrigue to her restrained process.

(1) 860 874 3863

Atlanta, Georgia